Posted by: sangina | December 18, 2015

Finally a break in the weather

Posted by: sangina | November 25, 2015

Last few trips

Posted by: sangina | October 14, 2015

Meet the new crew

I would like to introduce the newest member of the crew meet Lawrence Henry James born on the 4th October a little early than planned  but doing well I’ve already ordered his first rod!


Posted by: sangina | August 31, 2015

Few from last month

Posted by: sangina | July 13, 2015


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A few pics from May

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Posted by: sangina | May 3, 2015


Once we got back to a slightly cooler England, I was very keen to get back afloat after seeing lots of reports of flat seas and good fishing! The first trip didn’t disappoint with plenty of bream keeping us busy and a few bonus plaice on the way home. I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months. The fishing inshore should really pick up with the main target being bream and we also have had the first hit if mackerel and plenty of rays .

image      imageimage

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Posted by: sangina | May 3, 2015


April started with Swanage sea fishing going on tour for two weeks in Thailand! We spent a few days at Gillhams resort in Krabi, which must be one of the best lakes in the world. It really was like staring in a episode of river monsters. I would recommend it to anyone I loved every minute of it! Even tho the mrs out fished me!


Posted by: sangina | March 7, 2015

Back in the water

San Gina II went back in the water this week after it’s winter tart up now looking forward to getting back out there chasing a few fish!


Posted by: sangina | January 6, 2015


I still can’t believe it’s the start of a new year! 2014 flew past and we had a cracking year. The fishing was good and once the gales in the early part of the year pasted, the weather was pretty good so let’s hope 2015 is even better!

On Sunday I did the first trip of the year. The fishing was tough through the main part of the ebb tide with just a few small whiting and a handful of dog fish. Once the tide started to ease the fishing picked up with lots of good size whiting up to 3lb and a few more dog fish and a smooth hound came over the side.





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